ERS: Introduction and Universal Enterprise Model (UEM)


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     Because the approach of the flows by ERS is quite new and different from what you can read in books containing the accepted economic theory, it is possible that you will have to read / study the texts a couple of times in order to acquire the train of thought.

     Certainly in case, before this acquaintance, you hardly or never have read anything about economics (which is by no means expected or required) it can take some time to ‘catch on’. In that case it will certainly help to read again the texts quietly: because I dropped as much as possible unnecessary text parts, the contents have been concentrated in as few paragraphs as possible.

    Hint: read the text parts in bold first and then the complete sentences. As soon as you have acquired the train of thought, you will be able to realize more consciously and actively that you are a member of the societal system, and know and feel that as far as economics and politics are concerned, you can weigh on the course of events.

      When you have learnt to look at your daily occupations from the angle of the ERS, it is possible that it is not clear where some institutions or entities fit in the ERS, or how they meet the UEM scheme.

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